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Adam Piotrowski

I am passionate about healthcare innovation, formulating strategic insights and developing opportunities to grow value and deliver results. 

Today's healthcare landscape is complex, and evolving. Quality initiatives, reimbursement challenges, regulatory reform, and national policy debate are just some of the forces shaping the way corporations, physicians, government, and patients are making healthcare decisions. New devices and treatments face increasing scrutiny and justification for their use. And in order to encourage adoption and generate sustainable revenue, existing sales infrastructures must adapt and be prepared to demonstrate value to an expanded group of decision makers. While terms such as data-driven, evidence-based, c-suite approved, are becoming increasingly pivotal for the adoption of a device, that device also must balance and preserve its core necessity: appeal to the user and restore health to the patient. 

These treacherous market forces are just a glimpse of what any entity involved in marketing and selling a medical device must understand and navigate when it comes to commercializing a new device. Healthcare is evolving and changing, and with change comes opportunity. Stay lean, be nimble, and be tenacious in the pursuit of excellence.